Shortfilm Screening in collaboration with Videopark Festival


02.07. / 22:00


Herklotzgasse 21, 1150, Vienna

Pietro Gardoni - Fermín Gil Sánchez de Muniain - Céline Ufenast - Alexandre Franco Dacosta - Michael Dietrich - Mara Chavez - Rupert Jorg  -  Joanna Zabielska - Natascha Farmer - Kent Sheely

From an open call in collaboration with Video Park Festival (Uzice, Serbia), ten short films were selected to be presented in Vienna. With the topic of Migratory Anthropocene, the festival focuses on many complex influences of the human body, being, and entity, as well as forms of behavior towards nature itself, life and technology. Migratory Anthropocene includes a migratory aspect of body and soul, understanding the relationship between home and place, the territory where the main focus is on nature and environment by adjusting the internal aspects according to the characteristics of external influences on our spiritual being, movement, insecurity, action or creation.

Photo by : Apollonia T. Bitzan

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