Social lubricant & water politics

an international group show

Curated by : Georgij Melnikov, Ale Zapata, Lluís Lipp, Justina Špeirokaitė, Oona Zyman / Text by : Barbora Horská

02.07. - 10.07.2021


Martin Grandits – Anna Vasof – Björn Segschneider – God's Entertainment/Super Nase & Co - Sarah Maria Rechberger - Laia Estruch - Simon Contra - Eduardo Ruiz - Luz Broto - Albert Sánchez Piñol - Kamen Stoyanov - Gedvile Tamosiunaite - Hui Ye - Ramiro Wong - Pille-Riin Jaik and Nazira Karimi - Tomasz Vollmann

Photos by Maria Belova

Wasser zu Wein? Wasser zu. Schnaps!

group show

Curated by : Georgij Melnikov

02.07. - 10.07. 2021

Aa Collections

Hans Arenth - Kontext Cocktail (Sahra Tasha Hauber & Alexandru Cosarca) – Daniel Ecker - Lydia Kriz – Larissa Leverenz – Rudi Rodel – Anna Werzowa


solo exhibition and performance

Curated by: Vienna

02.07 - 10.07.2021

Improper Walls

BUY ME, GOD (performance)

Photos by Maria Belova

The space of "Improper Walls" echoes with the sound of high-heels. Elegant steps seem to float in the air – she walks on earth just the way she walks in Heaven. She manifests as contemporary Mary, – a common girl with the name of the Mother of God's. She's now been blessed. Her body becomes your daily bread, your earnings, your money. Her body is the indulgence of the 21st century, a sacred currency. Nancie redeems her sins with her own self, she sells herself, bodily sacrifices to God. She is the lamb, the snake, she is a divine coin. Her phantom foretells the misfortune neither of future, nor of past, but of today – a peculiar, distant existence and a careless death of ecclesiastical faith.

Social Lubricant & Water Politics

group short film exhibition

Curated by : Georgij Melnikov, Ale Zapata, Lluís Lipp, Justina Špeirokaitė, Oona Zyman

02.07. - 10.07.2021


Anna Watzinger, Hans Schabus, Olivier Hölzl, Lina Albrikiene, Lisa Truttman

Photos by Maria Belova

Schwendergasse Public Gallery

live street art painting

Curated by: B-Murals, Improper Walls, Vienna, Sebastian Schager

Brons, Fati, Jan Vallverdú, Justas Pranevičius, QBACK, Zveruna

Photos by Lluis Lipp


Video by Chris Ramos

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