NOTE 15 Festival

performative art

Curated by : NOTE 15

10.07 / 17:00 -20:00

Burjanplatz, 1150. Wien

Thomas Reithmayer - Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz - Saba Mazaji -KEIM


Schmelzgeschichte(n) - performative storytelling by Thomas Reithmayer

Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz

Saba Mazaji


On July 10, 17h-20h (Burjanplatz, 1150 Wien), there

will be a concert that consists of three different female musical performances and a

storytelling performance.

Even though all the events follow different performativity and art mediums, they are all

connected by the topic of exploration and representation of different feminist voices,

strengths, and stories. All the events belong to the NOTE 15 art and culture project, conceived

by Mirjana Mustra, a cultural worker – artist and curator. However, the events from  July

2nd until July 3rd  can be considered as satellite events of the NOTE 15 project, as they are

initially organized under the framework of Vienna’s XX Art Flanerie Festival.

More about  NOTE 15 Project:

The team of the NOTE 15 festival consists of the following members: Mirjana Mustra as

organizer, Marija Ilić as producer, Emir Handžo as sound tehnician, and Asija Ismailovski as


The NOTE 15 project is a cultural initiative dedicated to community building in the 15th

district. In the form of concerts accompanied by exhibitions in public space, music and history

mediation are coupled with each other. Furthermore, public places such as parks or markets

are places where people with and without a migration background can meet and get together.

The pandemic has shown the need to promote solidarity and coexistence in the local social

environment – an aim NOTE 15 works to achieve. This can therefore also be interpreted as an

opportunity to develop a new sense of neighborhood. With the NOTE 15 project, we want to

program three of these meeting points (Reithofferpark, Wasserwelt and Burjanplatz) in the

northern part of the 15th district and invite residents to come together in a relaxed and safe

atmosphere to network. We want to strengthen the dialogue between art and culture

professionals and the residents of individual parts of the district and establish the public

spaces as cultural meeting places. This enables and expands the participation of residents in

the art and cultural offerings of the city of Vienna. The project was initiated by Mirjana

Djotunovic Mustra and started already in 2020. The musical and artistic exhibition/public

space installation format is followed by a history tour of the 15th district, carried out by

district historian and adult educator Thomas Reithmayer (Bezirksmuseum Rudolfsheim-Fünf

haus). For this purpose, the Bezirksmuseum, as a cooperation partner, is designing two

additional mobile and multilingual exhibitions (on the surroundings of the Reithofferpark and

on the surroundings of the Wasserwelt), which serve as an educational and participatory set


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