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Carol from Lisbon teamed up with Les Nouveaux Riches for a very süß collab.

Nostalgia, mixed with an odd interpretation of what this beautiful country has to offer, were the main ingredients for this alliance. The collection consists of a perfect summer kit. Which means you can shine bright almost from head to toes, with our glorious and colorful caps, t-shirts, swimming shorts and bags.

''chill o' clock'' is a collaboration between Carol from Lisbon and Les Nouveaux Riches, produced by Good Kids Bad Society.


DESKA EARRINGS is a small independent jewelry brand run by artist Deska Deska. Jewelry pieces mostly earrings are handmade and produced in Vienna, Austria where artist live. She is working with Silver 925, real freshwater pearls, glass, ceramic pearls and some recycled materials. Every piece is unique and inspired by her drawing practice.


Use this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about importankreineckers is a joint project by Anna and Magdalena Kreinecker, two sisters that simply share the same second name. Together they produce multicolored original screen prints in very limited editions on textile - around that time of the year in 2020 their very first edition JUNE has been released.

Now, one year later kreineckers is happy to present the relaunch of JUNE launching JULY21 as the official birthday edition.

As kreineckers produces high quality, organic and all handmade garments, every single piece is unique and totally handmade. The editions are exclusively made from sustainable and organic material, all products are crafted in Vienna.t news.


GOOD KIDS BAD SOCIETY is a multidisciplinary working fashion & lifestyle brand. Drawing inspiration from youth culture, politics and the city we live in - Vienna.

For the Liquid times POP UP, the GOOD KIDS prepared a live T-shirt printing action <3


HYBRID DESSOUS experiments with norms and taboos of swimwear and explores its possibilities and limits. The artist duo combines historical cuts with unusual, contemporary fabrics and creates (site-specific) collections. The limited editions consist of wearable one-of-a-kind pieces. Many are reversible: front and back, inside and outside - the wearer can thus always actively choose a clothing direction.

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