intervention in public space

Curated by : NOTE 15 (Mirjana Mustra)

02.07. - 10.07.


Burjanplatz, 1150. Wien

Mirjana Mustra, Kristina Cyan, Neda Nikolic, Sara Hawy, Jennifer Kastner, Verona Charmine & Maria Viola

You are not alone is a feminist intervention in public space. It is a collective installation of wool on a tree and a performance (performance conceived by Sara Hawy). Women are invited to knit scarves and install them on a tree, each scarf should be around 20-30 cm wide and 1,5 – 2 m long. Traditionally seen textile handicraft is the area of women. Most often, women knit together in a group. In a violent home environment, these moments are rare "safe spaces" in everyday life. This project aims to raise awareness and visibility for violence against women, femicide, and domestic violence. The project takes place in the frame of the Art Flanerie festival. Positioning the intervention in the context of the art world opens up discourse within the art community. This is the project by by Mirjana Mustra in collaboration with Kristina Cyan, Verena Charmine, Sara Hawy, Asija Ismailovski, and Neda Nikolic.

During the XX ART FLÂNERIE , NOTE 15 is presenting three different events:

  • In chronological order, the first one starting the 02. - 10.07. (Burjanplatz, 1150 Vienna). A feminist intervention in the public space titled YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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