10.07. / 20:00

Curated by NOTE 15

Burjanplatz, 1150 Wien

Sara Hawy (@hawysara) is a queer feminist activist, conceptual artist, performer and filmmaker. The native Viennese has a multicultural approach to her work due to her Iraqi and Polish roots and deals intensively with topics such as gender, identity, equality, belonging, sexuality, religion, psyche, violence and discrimination.

With her interdisciplinary works, she creates social mirror images that reflect old and young generations and their trauma. Since Sara Hawy grew up multilingual, she likes to merge various media with languages, cultures and traditions. With her activist actions she also wants to draw attention to abuse of power, exploitation and human rights violations. As a multimedia artivist, she has already had numerous international exhibitions and art projects: Biennale, Vienna Week Festival for Art and Activism and Carneval Of Fear Festival.

In her documentary "Who Am I?" she said: “My first love was music and my second great love is art”, so she followed her passion and began studying “Performative Art” at the Academy of Fine Arts in order to broaden her horizons.

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