Painters on the run 4


04.07. // 19:00


Hollergasse 9, 1150 Vienna

Linus Barta - Jessica Grundler - Fabian Köttl - Jerome Meinlschmid - Ramsko - RSMA - Janina Ser - Nikita Sukhov

Under the title Painters on the run, the HOLLEREI Gallery presented the class of Daniel Richter, since December 2021 in a series of three exhibitions with twenty-seven different artistic positions. As the last part of this exhibition series, the Richter class of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna presents the exhibition Works on Paper. Eight student artists show works in this exhibition whose submissions cover a diverse spectrum: Charcoal Drawing, Watercolour and Pencil, and Pastel Crayon.  All deal with themes that address complexities of life - in the wilderness, in the home or in the body.

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