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My body (my) rules! is a project in which FLINT* persons use dance, theater and text to express what My body (my) rules! really means: No to everyday sexism. No to crossing borders. No to outdated role models.

Since “Me too”, power abuse and sexualized violence have been the subject of global discussion and peoples awareness has increasingly risen towards this topic! Sexual and power abuse are issues that affect all of us. That's why CoCo (CorpoColectivo)* wants to contribute to ending these indignities.

Team of My body (my) rules! Are: Judith Kirschner - Kommunikation; Julia D. Krammer - Stimme / Text; Lian Quintana-Abraham - Projektorganisation; Lisbeth Bitto - Projektleitung / Tanz / Choreographie; Sarah Sea Clarke - Film Direktor; Christina Rauchbauer - External Eye / Dramaturgy; Elke Liberda - Stimme / Performance / Sound

*CorpoColectivo (CoCo) supports and implements artistic projects, particularly in the areas of urban contemporary dance and audio-visual media. Next to that, CoCo offers artists and academics from various fields a platform for exchange and networking. The association organises and supervises frequent training and workshops. CorpoColectivo was founded in 2014 by Lisbeth Bitto, Zoë Schreckenberg and Camila Seeger. Currently the team consists of Lisbeth Bitto, Julia-Dominique Krammer and Judith Kirschner.

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