21.06.  - 25.07.


Mariahilfer Straße 166,

1150 Vienna

by Elsa Okazaki

Elsa Okazaki is a French-Japanese visual artist and photographer, born in 1976, living in Vienna, Austria.

From the pebble desert of the Moisturride Kiosk's at Wild in the West, artist Elsa Okazaki takes us to the place of longing, Los Angeles, with her new work.

The landmark Hollywood sign is recognisable, but it seems to have been relocated on a marshland. Fragmented unsouled landscape shots and palm trees caught in the act glow in surreal psychedelic colours against a barren and toxic sky. The attempt to escape reality borders on a bad trip, in which an Instagram filter makes the brutality of the city disappear behind twee numbing colours.

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