by Michael René Sell & Dean Maassen

01.07. / 16:30 - 22:00

Bitterer Ernst

Grangasse 5, 1150 Vienna

Michael René Sell & Dean Maassen

I NOW PREFER GREY SKIES (2) is an alternative notation system that depicts the drone attacks of the USA in the years 2018 -2022. Michael René Sell has developed a sign system with which the attacks can be played for different orchestrations.

WHEN PERCEPTION BECOMES FORM uses 3D software and 3D printing to represent the experiences and self-perceptions of resilient people through

abstract sculptural forms.

Michael René Sell is a German conceptual artist, composer and musician. In his works, Sell sets processes and states to music that do not carry any sound or are not audible in our culture. For this purpose, he develops his own sign systems, notation techniques, instructions and playing styles. In this way, exhibitions are created in which one encounters the works visually, performatively and acoustically.

Dean Maassen is a German new media and conceptual artist who lives and works in Vienna and Wiesbaden. In installations, photographs and sculptures, Maassen deals with themes such as convalescence (recovery processes) and the labour market.

Lisa Truttman, PIRATE BAY, 2020

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