Social Lubricant & Water Politics

group short film exhibition

Curated by : Georgij Melnikov, Ale Zapata, Lluís Lipp, Justina Špeirokaitė, Oona Zyman

02.07. - 10.07.


Hollergasse 9, 1150. Wien

Anna Watzinger, Hans Schabus, Olivier Hölzl, Lina Albrikiene, Lisa Truttman

02.07 / 17:00- 22:00

03.07-09.07 / 15:00 - 19:00

10.07 / 15:00 - 22:00

The Hollerei Gallery is set-up complementary to the group show and turned into an exhibition space which is uniquely dedicated to video and film works dealing with the topic at hand. Five pieces which have been picked by the curatorial team which span between different geographical, historical and social contexts and examine various aspects in relation to the exhibition theme „Social Lubricant and Water Politics„. At this main location viewers are encouraged to contemplate the dynamics between the digital space and modes of fluidity.

The works will be streamed during the entirety of the festival. Additionally, a special focus is given to the program during a movie screening and Austrian debut of the movie "Huicholes: los Últimos Guardianes del Peyote" on July 08 at 21:00.

Lisa Truttman, PIRATE BAY, 2020

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