Crossing Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

tour by Thomas Reithmayer

08.07. / 18:00 - 20:00

Meeting point @ KUNSTBOGEN

Untergrundbahn Bogen 6-7
A-1060 Wien

If you cross the 15th district from the Gürtel, you will find references on every street corner to the changeable history of a district that has been shaped by diverse cultures from the very beginning.

Thus, after only a few meters, one can find traces of the Jewish community, the workers' and women's movement, as well as the Czech community, which massively influenced the district's culture in the 19th century. A culture that could by no means develop without conflict. The history of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus is, after all, also a history of struggles for a dignified, self-determined life. Even if these struggles were often lost, its history demonstrates that people have always retained their lust for life despite the sometimes desperate circumstances of life.

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