Contemporary Matters

lecture performance

Curated by : Oona Zyman and Contemporary Matters

04.07. / 14:00


Untergrundbahn Bogen 6-7
A-1060 Wien

Contemporary Matters is a Vienna-based platform raising critical awareness of the role of “the contemporary” in the increasingly transdisciplinary field of art history. Conceived out of an urgency to disrupt, challenge and overcome prevailing structures and canons within art history and beyond, we began adopting a collective spirit. This sentiment of solidarity inspired comradeship that we recognized was as valuable as the methodologies for which we were championing.

CM wants to carry on this sense of camaraderie and share it with other students and individuals outside of academia. We recognize that we ourselves are not infallible, but through processes of peer review and assembling collective knowledge(s), we can bring ourselves that much closer to creating something different, and perhaps even new. It is the egalitarian structure we maintain that allowed and continues to allow us to organize and situate these methodologies in the foreground of the field of art history.

Photo courtesy of : Contemporary Matters

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