by Michaela Konrad

01.07. / 16:30 - 22:00

Artivive Gallery Space

Reindorfgasse 38, 1150 Vienna


The current technological, ecological and social processes of change are making it increasingly difficult to answer this question. Because the faster technological disruption progresses, the harder it is for us to keep up with the resulting socio-economic upheavals.

In her artistic projects CAN THIS BE TOMORROW? and PICTURES OF TOMORROW, Michaela Konrad deals with these socio-political changes with a wink. She transports the recipient to the middle of the last century and shows a series of fictional comic covers in the style of American Golden Age comics and imaginary everyday depictions of our near future. Inspired by fantasists such as Aldous Huxley, George Orwell or Phillip K. Dick, she creates a past vision of current and future events.

In summer 2022, these artistic works will be published by Luftschacht Verlag in the form of an experimental comic book catalogue entitled TOMORROW. The artworks presented in the book can also be experienced in augmented reality. For this purpose, the artist and her Romanian colleagues Eugen Neacsu and Octavian Horvath are creating new animations and sound designs. A selection of these multimedia creations can be experienced together with the original artworks in the Artivive Gallery.

MICHAELA KONRAD, born in Graz (AUT), lives and works in Vienna (AUT) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ESP). She received her graphical education at Centro Municipal de Arte Gráfico, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ESP) and spent a year at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Lisa Truttman, PIRATE BAY, 2020

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