Frank Maria @ALLEE15

07.07. / 12:00 - 20:00


Markgraf-Rüdiger-Str. 15, 1150. Wien

ALLEE15 - We are a space for work and art in the Nibelungenviertel. We act in the spirit of local art promotion and show selected works by artists living in Vienna as part of our temporary exhibitions. The focus is on the 15th district, its neighborhood and on young, new and urban art.

Knarf is one of the best-known street artists in Austria. In the context of the exhibition, which will run until fall in the recently opened Allee15, he shows his other artistic side, as Frank Maria. Under this name, he presents images that are different from what is known from his activities as a street artist. Nevertheless, the works are not in contrast to his previous output, but are rather a continuation of it. The colorful compositions, often made with oil pastels, are on the one hand hints and tongue-in-cheek playfulness with international brands, but always make a turn now and then into the abstract.

Artist : Frank Maria

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