lecture performance

Curated by : Lluís Lipp

02.07. / 20:30

Aa Collections

Reindorfgasse 9/2/R01 A-1150 Wien

A practical and theoretical introduction on the mystical urban roots of the novel hydromancy method developed by Lic. theol. PdR Lavergne

In this lecture performance, Lic. theol. PdR Lavergne, will present his most recent discovery: a new type of divination through water. Although hydromancy has been a staple in many foretelling practices around the world, this new method offers a series of energetic, astrological and kinetic conditions that make it more reliable than previous attempts to use H2O in fortunetelling.

The event will start with a presentation on PdR’s investigations on occult practices and phenomena in early 20th century Barcelona, which have directly impacted his discovery. This will be followed by the first public demonstration of Aiguamància.

Photo by : Pedro del Real Lavergne

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